Luxurious Bespoke Interiors

Sandra Debbas is an interior design and architecture atelier that skillfully crafts contemporary, refined, tailor-made environments with a distinct sense of aesthetics and poetic charm. Our proficiency spans across high-end residential and commercial properties, hotels, and yachts worldwide.

An Introduction

Sandra Debbas, an acclaimed architect recognized with awards, is an intuitive creator and problem-solver who harbors a profound passion for architecture and design. Her creations are imbued with sensitivity, reflecting the impact of her vibrant cultural heritage and cross-disciplinary expertise.

What We Do

At Sandra Debbas Atelier, we elevate the full potential of space, much like a skilled diamond polisher transforms materials to shape enchanting environments. Our custom designs seamlessly blend creativity and elegance, tailored to the distinct style of each client.

Turnkey Solution

Our multi-skilled team, under Sandra's direction, handles every stage of a project, including feasibility studies, planning applications, conceptual and detailed design, research into high-end bespoke pieces, on-site construction monitoring, and final handover.

« For me, luxury means exceeding my clients' dreams and desires, with a dedication to top-notch quality achieved through expert craftsmanship, providing the best service, and attending to every client's expectation with unwavering attention to detail.»



Among our recent projects, you can find an elegant Parisian apartment in the Triangle d'Or, an ultra-luxurious family office in Monaco, a panoramic penthouse in Miami, and a new build of a 62-meter super-yacht. Additionally, we have several other exciting ongoing projects on-site.
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